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General Questions - Sarcoma Cancer
Posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 7:48 AM
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Trying to do some research for my Mom. She had Sarcoma Cancer Surgery in June down at the Mayo Clinic (This is the 5th time with this type of cancer). They were able to get 95% of the tumor. The rest is on the spine and they were not able to get. Since June she has been in and out of the Hospital because of many different reasons. (Throwing up constantly, low potassium, low blood pressure and loss of strength in her right leg). She got out of the hospital a week ago after 2 weeks in the hospital and 1 week in a Nursing Home for some therapy on her leg. When she came home she was doing better and was able to walk short distances with a walker - that lasted for 5 days and now she is immobile again. She is laid up in bed and can sit up for short periods of time to eat in bed. There are nurses that come and help and have her on a catheter now. This has happened about 3 times where she gets better and then goes down hill again. (Mom is 72). Sorrry this is so long... She was scheduled to have Radiation - I'm not sure what kind but they were going to have to fit her in a mold. She never got to that point because of getting sick. Then one of the Dr's told her that if the Radiation misses by just a bit that it would hit her bladder and that would explode and she would have a bag for the rest of her life and be in alot of pain. So, my parents decided not to do radiation. The cancer is growing and may be the cause of her not having use of one of her legs. Us kids are trying to find something that would help her have some quality of life back. Is this something that could work and could it hit the bladder and cause problems - does this happen? Thanks for any input you have. We are going to try and talk to our parents but I think at this point they are so frustrated and think nothing will work.
Posted: Thursday, September 15, 2011 4:03 AM
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I am not sure if CK could help or not. I think there was some misunderstanding about the bladder. It would not explode. It could be damaged depending on the exact details of anatomy. The best thing is to get someone to sit down with you and give a better explanation of the possibilities with standard radiation and CK. Contact the nearest CK center.


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