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Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 4:59 PM
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Hi.  I recently underwent a lumbosacral MRI due to back pain, and the MRI revealed cysts on my kindeys.  A CT urogram was then preformed.  The CT urogram showed that I also have an enlarged prostate.  The significant portions of the MRI and CT are as follows.  Can you please tell me if the Cyberknife could help with one or both of these problems? 

Thank you.



Moderately significant bilateral hydronephrosis versus parapelvic cysts. A CT urogram may be helpful



Clinical indication: History of right flank pain renal cyst.

Technique: Pre and post-contrast high resolution (Sensation 16) MDCT scans of the abdomen and pelvis are performed. Multiple computed axial tomographic cuts are obtained. 100 ml of non-ionic intravenous contrast material is administered. 5 mm slice thickness and 5 mm incrementation techniques are utilized. Sagittal and corona' reformations are also made. Images are reviewed in soft tissue window setting.

Dose Report:

CTDI vol (mGy): 26.32

Total DLP (mGy-cm): 1048 

Findings: In non-contrast study the liver, spleen, adrenal glands and pancreas appear normal in size and tissue texture. The gallbladder is absent with multiple small metallic clips in its fossa suggestive of status post cholecystectomy. The aorta shows atherosclerosis with multiple calcific plaque formations but no sign of aneurysmal change. The retroperitoneum shows no sign of mass or adenopathy. There are a few small area of low density in the right and one in the left lateral aspect of the upper pole of left kidney suggestive of bilateral small cortical cyst. There is no evidence of any radiopaque calculus in either kidney.

In post-contrast exam there is good nephrogram phase and equal excretion by both kidneys. There is bilateral renal sinus lipomatosis, which is normal for the age. Also the small cortical cysts are better visualized with the largest one in the right measuring 1.1 x 0.9 cm and in the left 1 x 1 cm in diameters. There is no evidence of hydronephrosis, other focal lesion or renal calculus. Likewise there is no evidence of hydroureter.

In the pelvis, the urinary bladder is well distended and shows no sign of any radiopaque calculus, abnormality of mucosa or any filling defect. The prostate is significantly enlarged and measures 6 x 4.5 x 5.8 cm in diameters but it shows homogeneous density with smooth margins suggestive of BPH. The bowel

loops are unremarkable. Bony structure shows degenerative spondylosis at multiple levels and disc disease at L4-L5. The soft tissues are unremarkable. The visualized portion of lower lungs appears normal.

IMPRESSION: Status post cholecystectomy, a few small cortical cysts in the right and one in the upper pole of the left kidney plus bilateral renal sinus lipomatosis, atherosclerotic calcification of abdominal aorta, enlarged prostate suggestive of BPH and degenerative changes of lumbar spine but otherwise unremarkable study as described.


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Posted: Thursday, March 20, 2014 2:34 AM
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Yoiu don't have anything in the kidneys that requires treatment. The prostate enlargement may need treatment but not CK unless it is cancer. You need to see a urologist


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