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CK and recurrent ependymoma
Posted: Monday, March 19, 2018 5:25 AM
Joined: 3/19/2018
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Hi, About 20 years ago, I underwent 2 spinal surgery and a standard radiotherapy after the second surgery for my diagnosed spinal ependymoma. I had an extensive laminectomy from T12 through to L5 with a very wide decompression. I have been fine since then until recently that I noticed recurrent back pain, felt predominantly when sitting, as well as some nocturnal paraesthesia in the legs. I have not noticed any weakness, sensory changes, bladder or bowel dysfunction or sexual dysfunction. I am otherwise well. MRI of the lumbar spine shows the above-mentioned widespread decompression, but unfortunately is a recurrent, contrast enhancing bulky tumour in the cauda equina, centred predominantly at the L2/3 level, with some involvement of the adjacent nerve roots and a second lesion attached to the ventral aspect of the conus. I have seen several NS and all of them agree that surgery is not straightforward in this case and very risky due to the previous surgeries and also radiotherapy. They also mentioned that surgery is my only option. I like to know if CK can help me in this case so I would not take a high risky surgery. Would appreciate any help that can shade some lights on this problem. Thanks,

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