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coloncancer in lung
Posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 8:52 AM
Joined: 5/24/2015
Posts: 1

My wife age 59 has a colon adenocarcinoma kras mutated type. It was diagnosed in october 2012 and colon surgery was in november 2012. Already in beginning there were two metastasis in liver, which were resected after few folfox medication in march 2013. Folfox continued but in july 2013 there were two metastasis in left lung. Folfox and avastin continued and in october 2013 the other metastasis was taken off in surgery and the other one had disappeared. In may 2014 there was one peripherial lung metastasis in right lung and about five metastasis in left lung. In right lung the size was something 5-10 mm and the left lung metastasis were smaller. Now my wife is getting avastin and leucovorin and irinotecan is on a break. Ct scannings have been stable during folfiri medication. Because the folfiri medication stops working in a time, could we buy some time if not hole cure with cyberknife. Some doctors say that it is bad for the lung, that there comes ”holes” in lungs. Is it correct? Must patient stop avastin leucovorin medication during cyber knife procedure?

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