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Please help with advice about brain cancer!
Posted: Friday, December 29, 2017 6:19 AM
Joined: 12/29/2017
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My sister has 3 kids (41 years) in May 2017 was diagnosed in Anoplastic multiform glioma. Pathology report shows: MGMT - Non methylated IDH1 (R132) negativ (IHC) PCR signal unmethylierte sequenz - positiv PCR signal methylierte sequenz - negativ ATRX: partieller Verlust (IHC) H3K27M: negativ (IHC) From August 2017 she got Temodal for 3 months (7 days in, 7 days off) growing continue. In November she got Avastin +, Ironatecan, growing continue. December: just Avastin Now she is getting: Kepra 3000 Vimpat 100 Dexamethason 8 mg Vitamin C, B, D L-Carnitin+Lymphdiaral Boswellia serrata Unizink Kytta Sedativu RSO - 0,5 a day Ajurvedic treatment Plan to have Optune in 10 days. So far we cant stop the growth. Can you please advice useful protocol/treatment plan which can help stop tumor grow? Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Leonid Gluskin

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