Etiquette Guidelines

The beauty of internet forums is to give people the opportunity to freely share their thoughts, ideas, and in the case of the CyberKnife® Patient Forum, to provide a space for patients with tumors (cancerous or not) to ask questions, gain information, and in the end, make the best treatment decision for them.


As this is an open forum for all interested participants, everyone is entitled to voice their opinions, thoughts, and concerns. Please keep in mind that the statements provided on this forum are not always fact and to do additional research before deciding on a course of treatment.

Keep Conversations Rational:

Discussions, especially when based around medical treatment options, can sometimes result in disagreements. Emotions tend to run high with topics such as tumors or cancer, but please try to remain as rational and logical as possible. This is the best approach to getting your point across and will help alleviate any disagreements from flaring into insults and arguments.


Moderators Role:

The role of the moderators on the CyberKnife Patient Forum is to provide answers/responses to posted questions, to ensure that the forum content is relevant and that it is a safe place for members to gather and share information. 


Grounds for Deletion:

  • If a moderator feels that a member is posting spam messages, the message and/or the member will be deleted and possibly blocked from the forum.
  • If foul, inappropriate or derogatory language is used, a moderator has the right to delete the posted message and/or the associated member.
  • If a moderator notices unsolicited advertising posted to the forum, they have the right to delete and block the member.
  • If a member posts an unrelated message promoting a specific CyberKnife center, the post will be removed.
  • If off-topic posts in unrelated sections are found, moderators have the right to either move the post to the appropriate section or delete it completely.

For More Information:

You can find more information on best practices when participating in an online forum here: