How to Use the Forum

  1. Click the Register button.
  2. Enter your user information and submit your information. Please remember that your "Display Name" is what other users will see when you create a post. Your "Login ID" is what you will use to login to the forum.
  3. Follow the links provided to take you back to the main forum page.
  4. Open a topic that interests you. If you wish to speak to a CyberKnife® physician, post your question to the Ask the Doc section. If you wish to ask a question to other patients and caregivers, post your question to the Patient to Patient section.
  5. Click "Add Post".
  6. Enter in your question.
  7. Click "Post" to make your question live.
  8. If you wish to edit or delete your posts, simply click the "Edit Post" or "Delete Post" buttons.
  9. If you wish to send a private message to another user, click the “Private Message” button. The response to your message will appear in your Mailbox.



To add a subscription to a page, which means you will be notified via email of any post made to this page, simply click the “Subscription” icon at the top of the forum box. You can edit or change your subscriptions in your Mailbox.


Updating Your Profile:


If you wish to change your password, display name, add/edit your signature, click the Update Profile icon at the top of the forum page and enter in your new information.